Legal advise

1.- Advise and legal information

The present advise and legal information (hereinafter referred as “Legal advise”) regulates the use of the internet service (hereinafter the “web site”) that Trienxis, S.L. makes available to internet users. The current legal advise, and all the relationships with Trienxis, S.L, will be regulated as established in the Spanish legislation. Trienxis, S.L. is a company with registered office in Pol. Ind. O Campiño – Rúa das Mámoas, 9 – 36158 Pontevedra – Spain, with C.I.F. number ES-B15958986 and contact email

Through the Web Site, Trienxis, S.L., provide to the users the access and the use of different services and contents placed at disposal by Trienxis, S.L. yo by third parties.

3.- Use Conditions and Acceptance

The access and use of the present website confers the status of site user and implies from the users the fully acceptance of the present Use Conditions, as well as those unusual that are established for some services that will complement the general conditions, committing to use the website and the services in accordance with the law, the present legal advise, the unusual conditions of certain services and other advises, rules and instructions brought to their knowledge, as well as the  morality and generally accepted principles of morality or public order.

All the information provided by the user through this services must be true. For these purposes, the users guarantees the authenticity of all the data provided as a consequence of the use of the services. Likewise, it will responsibility of the user to keep all the information provided to Trienxis, S.L, permanently updated so that it responds in every moment to the real situation of the user, not being Trienxis, S.L, responsible of the damages that can be caused to third parties because of the information provided.

To this effect, the user will abstain to use any of the services for illegal purposes, forbidden in the present legal advise, detrimental to the rights and interests of third parties; or that may in any way damage, render useless, overload, cause deterioration of, or impede the normal use of the Services, computer equipment; or documents, files or any other type of content stored on any of the computer equipment.

To that effect, the user will abstain of using any of the services for illegal and forbidden purposes, according to these conditions, or causing damage to the rights and interests of third parties that may in any way damage, render useless, overload, cause deterioration of, or impede the normal use of the Services, computer equipment; or documents, files or any other type of content stored on any of the computer equipment (“hacking”) of Trienxis, S.L, of other users and any other internet users (hardware and users).

In particular, and on a purely indicative basis, not exhaustive, the user commits not to distribute, transmit or make available to third parties any type of information, data, contents, messages, graphics, drawings, sound files, software and, in general, any kind of material in any way contrary to:

  • disparages or undermines fundamental rights and public freedoms recognized in International treaty and in the rest of the laws;
  • Induces, incites or fosters criminal, degrading, defamatory, defaming, violent actions or whatsoever in general is contrary to the law, to ethics and to the generally accepted good customs or public order;
  • induces, incites or fosters discriminatory actions, attitudes or thoughts by reason of sex, race, religion, beliefs, age or status;
  • incorporates, makes available or permits access to fraudulent, violent, offensive, harmful, degrading products, elements, messages and/or services or which are, in general, contrary to the law, to morals and to the generally accepted good customs or public order;
  • induces to an unacceptable state of anxiety or fear;
  • Induces to involve into dangerous, risky or damaging practices to physical or mental health;
  • is false, ambiguous, inexact, exaggerated or extemporaneous, that induces or may induce to error with regard to its purpose or the intentions or aims of the issuing party;
  • is protected by any intellectual or industrial property rights belonging to third parties, without Users having previously obtained the necessary authorisation from its holders to carry out the use they make or intend making;
  • infringes third party corporate secrets;
  • is contrary to the right to honour, to personal and familiar intimacy or to the very image of persons;
  • in any way impairs the credit of Trienxis, S.L. or of third parties;
  • infringes the regulations on secrecy of communications;
  • constitutes, if applicable, illegal, deceitful or unfair publicity and, in general, constitutes unfair competition;
  • incorporates virus or other physical or electronic elements that may damage or impede the normal functioning of the network, of the system or of electronic devices (hardware and software) of Trienxis, S.L. or of third parties or that may damage the electronic documents and files stored in those electronic devices;
  • due to its characteristics (such as format, extension, etc.), provokes difficulties in the normal operation of the Service;
  • has HTML tags different of those specifically authorised by Trienxis, S.L.

In accordance with the above mentioned, Users undertakes to use the contents made available to them in the web site, these being understood to be, without being limited to this list, texts, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, links and other audiovisual or sound contents, as well as their graphic design and source codes, in accordance with the law, this Legal Notice, the particular conditions of certain services, other notices, rules of use and instructions made known to them, as well as with the moral and generally accepted good customs and public order and, in particular they undertake to refrain from:

  • reproducing, copying, distributing, making available or in any other form publicly communicating, transforming or modifying the Contents, except with the authorisation of the holder of the corresponding rights or when permitted by law;
  • suppressing, manipulating or in any other form altering the ‘copyright’ and other data identifying the rights reserved of Trienxis, S.L. or of its holders, of fingerprints or any other technical means established for their recognition;
  • obtaining and even trying to obtain the Contents using means or procedures other than those which they have been provided, in each case, for this purpose or which they have been indicated to this effect in the web page where the Contents are found or, in general, those regularly used on Internet to this effect.

4 .- Hyperlink introduction

Users and, in general, those persons who intend to establish a hyperlink between their web page and the web (hereinafter, the ‘Hyperlink’) should meet the following conditions, always with prior authorisation:

  • the Hyperlink will only give access to the home-page or start page of the web, but cannot replicate it in any way;
  • A frame won’t be created over the web pages of the web site;
  • no false, inexact or incorrect declarations or indications will be made regarding Trienxis, S.L the web pages of the site and the services provided.
  • no statement will be made or implied that Trienxis, S.L. has authorised the Hyperlink or has in any way assumed the services offered or made available in the web page in which the Hyperlink is established;
  • An exception to this are those signs that form part of the actual Hyperlink; the web page in which the Hyperlink is established will contain no trademark, brand name, name, logotype, slogan or other distinguishing signs belonging to Trienxis, S.L.; except with the authorisation of the holder of the corresponding rights.
  • the web page where the Hyperlink is established will contain no information or illegal contents contrary to the rights of third parties. Furthermore it will contain no contents contrary to moral and generally accepted good customs and public order.

Also, this web includes hyperlinks to web pages of third parties not belonging to domain. This pages are not managed by, and are not a responsibility of Trienxis, S.L. Trienxis S.L is not responsible of the contents stored in those pages, neither of the services provided, and excludes its responsibility for any infraction of any kind that the entity that manage the web page can fall into.

5.- Industrial and Intellectual property rights

The contents of this site including: images, text,commercial marks, logos, audio and video files, buttons, software files colour combinations as well as the structure, selection, order and presentation of its contents, are property of Trienxis, S.L. or of third parties, and are protected by Spanish and international laws about Industrial and Intellectual property rights.

Equally, the contents of this web site has the consideration of computer program and so all the current Spanish and European Union legislations is applicable to them.

Because of the access that the user makes to the web site Existing or potential rights to use the content may in no way be understood to be ceded to the website user beyond what is strictly necessary for the proper use of the Website

6.-Limitation of liability

Trienxis, S.L., excludes in all extension authorised by law, any responsibility for the damages and costs of any kind that may be owed to: :

  • Presence of Virus or other elements in the contents that can alter computer systems, electronic documents or files from the users.
  • the transmission, distribution, storage, provision receipt, or obtaining access to content
  • lack of availability or continuity of website or the Services to the defrauding of the usefulness that the users may have attributed to the web portal and the services,the reliability of the web site and the services, and in particular, although not exclusively, the failure in the access to the different pages of the site or to those where the services are provided.
  • The proper function of the technical devices of linkage (such as, among other, banners, buttons) directories and search tools that allow the Users to access web sites belonging to and / or organized by third parties. The installation of such technical tools has as only object to facilitate the search to the Users and the access to information, contents and services available in the Internet.
  • the quality,legality, reliability and fitness of information, content and services offered on the sites linked
  • The use of services and contents by users,that might be due to lack of truthfulness, accuracy  exhaustiveness and/or authenticity of the information that the users provide to other users.
  • the content that the users of the open debate forum/message board or mailing lists might introduce, and the opinions expressed therein. Trienxis, S.L. does not have obligation to control and does not control the use that the Users do of the Website and of the Services.

7.- Privacy policy

Any information or communication that a user sends through this web to Trienxis, S.L. will be regarded as freely usable, and not affected by restrictions derived of the obligation of  respect confidentiality and not disclose information  for commercial purposes or other kind of purposes, except those informations specifically marked”as confidential

Trienxis, S.L. Commits to respect the confidentiality  of this personal information and use it consistent with the purpose of the file where have been added, likewise, it commits itself to adopting all necessary steps to ensure that there is no unauthorized access or alteration or loss of any of this data  in accordance with the provisions of the  applicable legislation

8.- Applicable legislation

The present legal advise and all the relationships established with Trienxis, S.L. shall be governed by the established in the Spanish law.