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Iveco and Trienxis will present the EMA treatment for the coagulation and flocculation of paint in Eurosurfas

FiraBarcelona_enIveco and Trienxis have carried out together for one year the process of coagulation and flocculation of paint in wet booths to improve the process, both financially and technically. The results obtained this year have meant for both companies the development a differentiating treatment with a quantifiable advantages that we believe should be known. In this context, our company, together with our client, has decided to present at global level the EMA Treatment at the International Surface Treatment Event (EUROSURFAS) which will take place at the Fira de Barcelona between September 30 and October 3. The presentation will take place within the VIII Conference of Eurocar. With this presentation, Trienxis aims to show and prove that other forms of treatment are possible and that respect for the environment, innovative chemical processes and cost reduction, are a reality. VIII EUROCAR CONGRES PROGRAMA .pdf

Coagulation – Flocculation of paint in IVECO

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Trienxis follows its growth by adding a new treatment system to its extensive catalogue. After years of research, Trienxis has developed a coagulation-flocculation system in order to remove paint in much more efficient way than the conventional treatments. After a period of cooperation with IVECO in their facilities in Valladolid, the EMA Treatment was definitely set up and has constantly worked since April 2014.

Trienxis has developed the so-called “EMA Treatment” based on premises like efficacy, enhancement and saving. To do this, has developed a new process base on two treatment’s products (TeZeo and TeGluc-90) through the process of activation in line and a small mixing reactor, the process presents a high cationique exchange capactity who allows to remove more paint with less chemical product than conventional treatments.

This system presents the following advantages:

- Savings of up to 20%

- Efficacy of remove the paint of overspray of 95%

- Remove sludge with a humidity of the 20%

- Remove of use of noxious product like biocides, correction of pH, antifoam…

Trienxis is already placed in China

Trienxis TPL ChinaAfter Russia and Brazil, is in China is where Trienxis expands its international presence.

PSA group, faithful supports of Trienxis technology, has equipped its new factory in Shenzhen with the physical – antibacteriologic system for the control of its TTS line.

These treatments have became an standard of surface treatment processes because of its reliability and results guarantee.