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Microbiological treatments for automotive industries

TPL Trienxis

Microbiological treatment for TTS lines have become one of the greatest problems for automotive industries because of its complexity and a contamination degree that raises day by day.

Right now, controlling the last washing tanks has become a request of the process. Trienxis goes an step further and offers treatments adapted to UFR (ultra-filtration).

The objective: Enhancing the KTL process without turning to biocide actions, always through the specialization and quality seal that defines Trienxis.

PSA Poissy factory in France is the first factory equipped to treat the UFR.

Iveco Suzzara: First Trienxis installation in Italy

Iveco Suzzara

Trienxis continues its international development in Italy with the installation of one of our devices in the model factory of Iveco. The installation has been done after the results obtained in the previously installed lines of Valladolid and Madrid. The project has involved the installation of a TPL80 and a TPL40 in a volume of 180 m3. Continue reading

Trienxis brings in a new TTS treatment in PCMA (Russia)

PCMA en KalugaA set of applications has been installed in the facilities of PCMA located in Kaluga. PCMA group (an alliance between Mitsubishi and PSA) manufacture 16.000 vehicles for the Russian market.

Trienxis has installed two equips with the aim of ensuring the proper functioning of the TTS tunnel with the new applications that replace classical phosphate conversion coating. Our technology has been chosen to ensure a correct treatment apply. Continue reading

Trienxis internationalizes with installations in South America and Asia

tratamiento de superficies

The investment in the future done by our company since the beginning by the use of new technologies in water using productive processes has had a result. Our company’s research work and its great results in production lines have lead Trienxis to be a worldwide point of reference in surface treatment lines.

Trienxis starts its international expansion accompanied by big international groups in various continents trying to replicate the great results achieved in European plants. Two automotive groups are using Trienxis systems along the world. This groups (PSA-Peugeot-Citroën and Renault) have installed TPL systems in surface treatment lines in Shenzen (near Hong-Kong) and Curitiba (Brazil) respectively.

Continue reading

Trienxis installs its first TPL system in Iveco Madrid


Trienxis has been approved as an international supplier of FIAT’s group to make possible the installation of a TPL system to treat the demineralized water used in the surface treatment process. This is a great leap for our company becoming a supplier of another great international company. Continue reading