EMA Treatment: Coagulation and flocculation of Paint

Trienxis: Sludge floating

Sludge floating

Coagulation and flocculation are the basis of a process essential to make possible the correct work of the painting booth.

Actually, unbalance of painting booth is caused by a poor paint extraction process.

Trienxis has developed a new chemical treatment based on two naturally based products, TeZeo and TeGluc-90, that allow to extract up to 95 % of the overspray paint.


Base of flocculant specially designed to work with TeZeo


Coagulation activator, not toxic or dangerous


– Enhancement of the coagulation/flocculation process

– Decrease of corrosive processes

– Efficiency increase: Sludge with 20% of moisture

– Odour removal

– Biocide, anti-foam and pH corrector use removal

– 20% saving in the cost of the treatment