Cutting fluids

Fluidos de corte

A new step in the control of cutting fluids. Elimination of pH degradation without using chemical biocides.

After a year of research, Trienxis has achieved to develop a biological control method for cutting fluids. This method has been developed to improve the control of pH and conductivity in cutting fluids that tend to suffer biological degradation. The project has been developed as an answer to the needs of two companies that use great quantities of this products, and that used complex chemical biocides to achieve the stabilization of the fluids. The problems and the costs of this treatments lead this companies to favor a change in its process.

The treatment of cutting fluids is done taken into account its new composition that favors the degradation of this compounds and also to have a better environmental behavior. The treatment of these fluids has become a complex process that took the developers to create new products with better environmental characteristics and better behavior to the personnel using it.

This enhancements have led to the problem of the product’s destabilization in production lines as a consequence of biological degradation. This degradation is actually been treated by using complex biocides that show handle problems in the control of the process as well as high cost.

Trienxis, keeping its philosophy of controlling biological processes by using physical treatments, developed a method that has been installed in two big French manufacturers. One of them belongs to a big automotive group and the other belongs to the food sector. The results obtained in the last months not only have allowed them to remove the use of chemical biocide, but also have shown an important improvement in the productive process considered by the companies as an exceptional process actually.