Iveco Suzzara: First Trienxis installation in Italy

Iveco Suzzara

Trienxis continues its international development in Italy with the installation of one of our devices in the model factory of Iveco. The installation has been done after the results obtained in the previously installed lines of Valladolid and Madrid. The project has involved the installation of a TPL80 and a TPL40 in a volume of 180 m3.

The installation accomplished in Iveco Suzzara has the goal of the control of the demineralized water used in the washing tank via an organic point of view. This control is required to enhance the quality of the electrocoat paint avoiding its deterioration. The treatment is done via a physical way what avoids the use of chemicals incompatible with the process and also reduces the previous treatment’s cost.

The installed system has kept working continuously since October 2012 with results considered as “very good” by Iveco. The use of chemicals has been reduced an 80% and the water quality has been enhanced by lowering the conductivity. The periods between tank maintenance have been extended from the 3 initial weeks to the 12 present weeks. This has led to water consumption savings of 55%. This saving has also lowered the amount of spilling in the same percentage what has been reflected in an enhancement of the treatment process.

This good work done in Suzzara’s facilities has given way to new projects there that must be consolidated in the future. Between this projects is included a new application in paint coagulation that Iveco expects to achieve same results and savings obtained with TTS.