Mercedes-Benz’s facilities in Vitoria open its doors to Trienxis Technologies


Trienxis starts a physical treatment for the control of the microbiological population in the TTS-KTL line of Mercedes-Benz’s Plant in Vitoria where 87.000 Vito and Viana vans had gone through the electrocoating process.

As a consequence of the problem of bacteria proliferation in washing tanks, common to all TTS/KTL installations, Mercedes-Benz has implemented a physical system developed by Trienxis to guarantee the quality of demineralized water used in the process.

Just a month after the start of the treatment, it has achieved its stability phase, the pollutants present in the bath have been controlled and reduced to a minimum level. Both TTS specialists and lab people from Mercedes-Benz have been able to check the evolution of the line week by week until arriving to the conditions that allow to control the line with better security and low cost for the next phases of the process.

This treatment offers a guarantee of quality for the electrocoating process by a constant and stable control of the bacterial concentration keeping it at a very low level without using chemicals.

With this new installation on a TTS-KTL line, Trienxis keeps its commitment of technological efficiency with the reduction of economic costs and environmental impact.