New cutting fluids treatment process located in Marseille

fluidos de corte

Cutting fluids are one of the biggest environmental problems globally. Its complex management and degradation have lead our company to develop a system to treat this fluids. Trienxis is collaborating with Ball Packaging in the control of a process named Womack using physical systems that control both degradation and pH unbalance. This process is being developed in the facilities located in Marseille over a process based on the Aluminum

Ball Packaging is an international group engaged to the manufacture of beverage cans. Their process includes machining the parts that use food compatible products. The use of this products have led to the addition of biocide chemicals to control its degradation. The international group is going after an strong environmental politic to reduce this compounds. For this, Ball packaging has established along with Trienxis a process to remove the majority of this biocide’s use. This process is being developed in the facilities of Ball Packaging located in Marseille.

Trienxis has developed an application derivative of the Envaci system that allows to handle the biological degradation of the installation as well as the pH unbalance. The process has been working for five months and a 90% reduction in the use of biocide chemicals has been achieved as well as more stability of the process. This stability also acts over solubilized elements that thanks to this treatment are coagulated and removed from the process improving the quantity of suspended solids in cutting fluids.

This process open the way for a control of the cutting fluids that reduces the use of dangerous chemicals achieving a better production process.