Trienxis: From investigation and design to international expansion


Trienxis entrepreneurship based on being different in the water sector by deciding to be a company based on knowledge that designs specific applications that gives the clients results options and that allows to achieve real results by analyzing the problems is finally having the result of an strong internationalization process, based on monitoring great international clients that demanded the application of our knowledge and results in production centers all over the world.

Trienxis Project has started to become a reality. That company concept where specialization, knowledge, the idea, the design and the application were the base to develop enhancements in the process and achieve to reduce production costs. The philosophy of seriousness and results, where selling is the consequence of a good work, has allowed us to develop different applications in a field needed of results and innovation.

This service philosophy with a high specialization degree has allowed that great business group consider that a small-sized company like ours must be part of its exclusive international suppliers group. The confidence put on our company is high, and a great part of the enhancements of their productive systems depends on the design of the applications that Trienxis has developed. But this road to internationalization grows with collaborations with worldwide companies suppliers of our main clients, which having evaluated the results obtained recommend us to its clients as specialists in productive process water treatment.

The internationalization has begun in a lot of European countries as France, Germany, Italy, Slovakia and Russia, where Trienxis will install its control process for Surface Treatment and Electrocoating. But this expansion continues with the initial steps for a definitive implementation in South America where there is a demand for our processes of industrial water treatment.

Trienxis is committed to the international expansion with the aim of having a presence in those countries, to be able to answer to the demand of our clients to be near to their productive centers. This way, a new phase of growing is starting, and investigation work, the design and the development is supported worldwide by considering our small-sized company as a specialist in production water treatment.