Trienxis installs its first TPL system in Iveco Madrid


Trienxis has been approved as an international supplier of FIAT’s group to make possible the installation of a TPL system to treat the demineralized water used in the surface treatment process. This is a great leap for our company becoming a supplier of another great international company.

FIAT has decided to use this new technology for the microbiological control in the TTS line of IVECO Madrid, as a response of its effort to enhance the quality of its productive processes and its commitment with new technologies. The result of this enhancement effort is the inclusion of Trienxis as one of the international suppliers of the group.

The system installed in the TTS line has as objective guarantying the correct microbiological treatment of the demineralized water to achieve a homogeneous and stable process in the application of electrocoating paint. This control will be done with the TPL system that ensures a chemical and microbiological control without using chemicals.

Trienxis guaranteed at all times the results desired by FIAT group with the promise to change the installation without any costs in the case that the objective proposed was not achieved. The confidence that our company has in achieving the results proposed is based on the diversity of faculties of TPL system and its physical appearance, that allow us to apply an oversized treatment without affecting the quality of the water.