Trienxis brings in a new TTS treatment in PCMA (Russia)

PCMA en KalugaA set of applications has been installed in the facilities of PCMA located in Kaluga. PCMA group (an alliance between Mitsubishi and PSA) manufacture 16.000 vehicles for the Russian market.

Trienxis has installed two equips with the aim of ensuring the proper functioning of the TTS tunnel with the new applications that replace classical phosphate conversion coating. Our technology has been chosen to ensure a correct treatment apply.

Classical phosphating treatment is being replaced by new treatment technologies that try to limit and mitigate the adverse effects that classical phosphating have on the environment. These new technologies have better degradation abilities because of their composition, and this have been reflected specially in the microbiological treatment factor.

Trienxis has developed a new treatment technology that helps controlling the degradation favored by the new phosphating systems. This degradation control is achieved by the only use of physical methods that have no effects over the conductivity and that ensure constantly the quality of the process.

Our technology has succeeded on ensuring the control and reduction of watermarks and incorrect finishing in electrocoating painting process. The investigation of the process and the development of suitable technologies that have been able to control the processes in a different and more efficiently way. This development installed in Kaluga has allowed to achieve an important saving of water as well as a guarantee of correct functioning of TTS and KTL processes.