Trienxis internationalizes with installations in South America and Asia

tratamiento de superficies

The investment in the future done by our company since the beginning by the use of new technologies in water using productive processes has had a result. Our company’s research work and its great results in production lines have lead Trienxis to be a worldwide point of reference in surface treatment lines.

Trienxis starts its international expansion accompanied by big international groups in various continents trying to replicate the great results achieved in European plants. Two automotive groups are using Trienxis systems along the world. This groups (PSA-Peugeot-Citroën and Renault) have installed TPL systems in surface treatment lines in Shenzen (near Hong-Kong) and Curitiba (Brazil) respectively.

The objective is an improvement in the traceability of the productive process guarantying better quality control with more efficient methodologies in the field of control of the washing water used in surface treatment. The quality of the process have led to a reduction in both line’s maintenance costs and chemical products use. Trienxis also provides knowledge and experience in a field without specialists on this kind of treatment.

The innovation in this treatments is based on guarantying the quality of the fluids in a line of Surface treatment by a constant control of the organic characteristics as well as physical-chemical characteristics of production tanks. This control has improved the productive process, lowering maintenance costs and improving the application of electrocoating paints.

This success has allowed Trienxis to secure in its work lines and its philosophies that try to create more valuable process avoiding unnecessary production costs and reducing the volume of fluids sent to depuration. For this, Trienxis has introduced a new technology that tries to improve Surface treatment lines that are now using new green technologies.