Technology company at the service of water

Trienxis develops unique solutions and treatments for the purification of wastewater and other liquid fluids for various industrial sectors, achieving results that far surpass conventional treatments.


Trienxis trusting clients

Key data

Process and monitoring of
industrial wastewater purification


Average time
within discharge limits

15.000 m³

Treated daily

0,2 mg/l

Maximum metal recovery

Reduction of costs
associated with purification

Patented cutting-edge technology

Results that surpass all expectations

On average, 99.93% of the time, discharge remains within the established legal limits, ensuring result stability over time and providing fundamental assurance to the competent authority.

Specific development for each client aimed at continuous improvement of results and increasing the quality of their production processes.

Trienxis has been providing solutions in various industrial sectors internationally since its foundation in 2008.

Reduction in reagent consumption through increased efficiency of chemical reactions.

Replacement of conventional treatment without initial investment.

Direct certification by the client and independent external laboratories.