STT - Cathodic Electrodeposition.
Preventive Bacteriological Control

Bacteriostatic treatment for control and maintenance/limitation of biological development at suitable levels for STT and KTL lines.
How does the TPL work?

Bacteriostatic equipment that ruptures cell membranes by sending high-frequency pulses of electrical energy into the fluid, causing strong oscillations in the electrical field of the medium and generating a hostile environment that does not allow for the adaptation of any living species.

The TPL allows for microbiological control of surface treatment processes through a non-intrusive method with minimal energy costs and maintenance.

Effects of bacteriostatic
TPL on the STT line

Stabilisation of microbiological development.

Precipitation of salts and encrustations.

Advantages in comparison
to conventional treatments

Preventive system for bacteriological control (less than or equal to 10³).

Possibility of eliminating chemical biocides, in accordance with the regulation of biocidal products of the European Union (BPR, Regulation (EU) 528/2012).

Physicochemical improvements in demineralised water.

Reduction in maintenance tasks.

Stabilisation of the cathodic electrodeposition process.

Water savings.

EMA Treatment
Eficiencia (Efficiency), Mejora (Improvements) & Ahorro (Savings)

Coagulation and flocculation treatment of paints as an essential process
for efficient operation of paint booths.

The current imbalances occurring in the booths are generated by an inefficient paint extraction process.

Trienxis has developed a physicochemical methodology with two products, of natural origin, TeZeo and TeGluc-90, which allows for the extraction of up to 95% of overspray paint.


Base of flocculant specially formulated for TeZeo.


Non-toxic and non-hazardous coagulation activator.

Advantages of Trienxis' EMA treatment
compared to conventional treatments

Improvements in the coagulation/flocculation process.

Organic matter control.

Reduction in corrosive processes.

Much superior efficiency: sludge with 20% moisture.

Eliminates the need for biocide, antifoam, and pH corrector.

Reduced product dosing resulting in cost savings and environmental impact reduction (volatile organic compounds).